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First Mammogram? Here’s What You Can Expect

Did you recently schedule your first mammogram? If so, great job! A mammogram is an incredibly valuable screening exam that can help detect cancers at their earliest, most treatable stages. Every woman’s first mammogram experience is deeply personal, but it

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Breast Cancer and Latest Research

Breast cancer is a serious and scary diagnosis, but the good news is that we are learning more and more about it every day. Through extensive research by the National Institute of Health, Breast Cancer Organizations and other private and

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Cancer Treatments Nausea

Cancer Treatments and Nausea

Nausea is a common symptom for those undergoing cancer treatment. Depending on the type of cancer, the individual, and the specific treatment, it can range from a slight uneasy feeling to severe vomiting and an inability to keep any food

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Breastfeeding Reduce Risk

Can Breastfeeding Reduce your Risk?

There is information everywhere about how breastfeeding is good for your baby, giving him a healthy start to life. You may not have heard that breastfeeding can also reduce your risk of cancer later in life. Even if diagnosed with

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Will My Cancer Come Back

Will My Cancer Come Back?

After completing cancer treatment and your doctor declares you to be in remission (meaning your tests for cancer show as negative), you have cause to celebrate! However, after going through the physical and mental ordeal of a cancer diagnosis and

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Mammogram Insurance

Does my insurance cover my mammogram?

Question: Does my insurance cover my mammogram? Answer: In nearly every case, yes! If you’re like most women, you’re concerned about your risk for developing breast cancer, and you know that there’s nothing better than a regular mammogram for early

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

If you or someone you know is facing a breast cancer diagnosis, you are not alone. Nearly 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. However, today’s advanced technology and treatments are helping more women

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Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Screening Minneapolis

For women in the Minneapolis metro area, breast cancer screening at The Breast Center of Maple Grove gives you access to high quality imaging, experienced doctors, and a compassionate staff—all in a comfortable environment. What is a breast cancer screening?

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