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What Is a Breast Care Specialist?

Annual mammograms are recommended for all women, beginning at age 40. However, if you have additional risk factors, such as a family history of cancer, your doctor may recommend starting mammograms at an earlier age or more frequently. 

Additionally, your clinician may detect a mass or abnormality on your breast tissue and refer you to a breast care specialist for further inspection.

But why is your doctor sending you somewhere else to have a mammogram? Why not perform this diagnostic screening at their office instead?

Why Am I Being Sent to a Breast Specialist?

When it comes to breast health, it can be confusing to determine which doctor to consult for a breast problem or preventative care. In fact, though certain OB/GYN offices may offer mammogram screenings, your gynecologist may still refer you to a breast care specialist for further testing (i.e., breast biopsy) or procedure (i.e., breast ultrasound, breast wire, etc.). Often, this leaves many women wondering what a breast specialist is. You may also wonder how this board-certified individual differs from other women’s health experts. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how specialists like the ones at The Breast Center of Maple Grove can support you throughout your breast health journey.

What Is a Breast Care Specialist?

As mentioned, meeting with a breast specialist is almost always the next step if you or your doctor notices a change in your breast tissue. 

The reason? Any signs of breast abnormalities require diagnosis. But, again,  if you’ve already had a mammogram performed at a gynecologist office, further screening and/or testing may be recommended. This helps rule out breast cancer. Therefore, a breast specialist is the next logical step.

What Do Breast Specialists Do?

Breast specialists help diagnose various breast conditions and diseases. In addition, they can provide mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, guidance/counseling, and advanced screenings for patients with family histories of cancer. 

While OB/GYNs can provide general breast health care, a breast specialist focuses more on diagnosis and more specialized treatments. For example, if you have dense breasts <link to article>, it may become challenging to screen for abnormalities in the breast tissue. 

Therefore, your gynecologist may recommend that you schedule an appointment with a local women’s breast clinic for more advanced diagnostic services. 

Breast health specialists can also interpret laboratory and imaging tests and recommend further testing or treatments related to your breast health.

Benefits of Working with a Breast Specialist

Because 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime, taking a proactive role in your breast health is key. 

At The Breast Center of Maple Grove, our care team of breast care specialists comprises friendly technologies, breast patient navigators, and board-certified radiologists. Together, we offer women extensive knowledge and expertise in breast health, diagnosis, and disease.  

Additionally, our care facility is equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology in mammogram technology to serve our patients better and ensure accurate screenings.

Our Promise To You

We want every woman to feel confident, at ease, and in control of her breast health journey. Therefore, we make patient education a vital part of what we do. We provide valuable support and information to help alleviate concerns and get you back on track to better breast health. 

In addition, we’ll work closely with your clinician and other specialists to ensure you always receive optimal care.

Find a Breast Care Specialist Near You

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Are you due for an annual mammogram? Or did your primary care doctor recommend seeing a specialist for further diagnosis? If so, we can help!

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