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3d Tomosythesis Mammogram

Breast Wire or Seed Localization

This procedure helps a surgeon accurately locate abnormal tissue in the breast so it may be removed during surgery. It is performed the same day as a surgical breast biopsy. At The Breast Center of Maple Grove our specialized physicians are board-certified radiologists who focus on breast screenings and diagnostics, so they have the highest likelihood of detecting potential problems early on. Our technologists have also received specialized training in breast imaging.

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Before The Procedure

Be sure to follow any surgical prep guidelines as instructed by your surgeon. You will be asked to be dressed for surgery prior to your procedure by wearing hospital attire.  Please refrain from wearing any powder, perfumes, deodorant and/or lotions on your underarms and breasts prior to the procedure. A moist towelette will be provided if you need it.

During The Procedure

  • You should plan on being at The Breast Center for about an hour. The procedure itself will only take about 20-30 minutes.
  • The breast abnormality is located using mammography or ultrasound techniques. If a mammography is used, you will be standing still for the exam; if ultrasound is used, you will be lying still on your back.
  • Once the abnormality is located, the area will be cleaned. A radiologist will inject a local anesthetic using a very tiny needle to numb the area. You may feel a slight sting in your breast at the injection site.
  • Using mammography or ultrasound, the radiologist will use a small needle to insert a guide wire or radioactive seed into the area of concern. Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.
  • Once the wire or seed is in place, a mammogram will be performed to document the position of the wire or seed.
  • All the images will be available digitally for your surgery.
  • The wire or seed is designed to be held securely in place until your surgical procedure is performed.

After The Procedure

Following your Breast Wire or Seed Localization you will go directly to your scheduled surgery. The surgical staff will give you aftercare instructions specific to your surgical procedure.