Breast Implants and Mammograms: Your Top Questions Answered

BCMG_ Breast ImplantsCan I get a mammogram if I have breast implants?

Absolutely! Women with breast implants should receive regular annual mammograms. Screening mammograms have been proven to save lives by detecting breast cancer in earlier and more treatable stages. However, both silicone and saline breast implants can make it more difficult to detect cancer in certain parts of the breast that may be covered by the implant. For this reason, experienced imaging technologists and radiologists utilize special techniques when providing mammograms for women with breast implants.

How is a mammogram different if I have breast implants?

During a standard mammogram, 2 images of each breast are taken. For women with breast implants, an additional 2 images of each breast are taken to ensure as much breast tissue as possible can be visualized. Special techniques are used to try to push the implant back, so the breast tissue may be moved forward and imaged.

As the breasts are compressed for imaging, women with breast implants may feel more discomfort than women without breast implants. To minimize discomfort, it’s best to schedule your mammogram the week after your period, when your breasts tend to be less tender. You can also take an over-the-counter pain reliever about an hour before your appointment.

Will a mammogram cause my implants to rupture?

There is a slight risk that your implants may rupture during a mammogram. However, this is a rare complication. Experts agree that the benefits of a mammogram and the potential for an early diagnosis of breast cancer far outweigh any risk of implant rupture.

How do I choose an imaging center?

Choose a breast imaging center with physicians and staff who are experienced in the best practices and techniques to appropriately image breasts with implants. The Breast Center of Maple Grove has been a trusted provider of high quality breast imaging services for over 15 years, and our entire team is well versed in the imaging of breasts with implants. Same day appointments are available and walk-ins are welcome. If you have any additional questions about breast implants and mammograms, please call us at 763-398-6370.