Radiologist Spotlight: Dr. Nellie H. Bauer

dr-bauerThis month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on Nellie H. Bauer, MD. She has been working with Minneapolis Radiology since 2000 and The Breast Center of Maple Grove since its opening in 2011. With nearly 25 years of experience, Dr. Bauer brings a great deal of clinical expertise to our practice. She works with patients across the full spectrum of breast care including screening mammography, diagnostic exams, MRI and biopsy procedures.

What is a typical day at The Breast Center of Maple Grove?

“Busy!” says Dr. Bauer, “I have to be very good at multi-tasking and handling frequent interruptions without losing my train of thought.” The field of radiology has grown significantly in the last few decades. Rapidly advancing technology and an increasing number of minimally invasive treatment options make radiologists an integral part of the health care team. Not only do radiologists interpret a large variety of imaging studies, but they also perform many minimally invasive treatments and procedures, which were previously only possible through surgery. “Fortunately, I am part of a great group of radiologists who support each other and work closely together to do the best job we can for the patient.”

What led you to breast imaging?

As a breast imaging specialist, Dr. Bauer most enjoys the contact with patients, and the use of multiple radiology modalities and procedures to solve problems and correctly diagnose patients. “It is really rewarding to be part of a multi-specialty breast health team,” says Dr. Bauer, who routinely works closely with primary care physicians, surgeons, radiologists and oncologists in order to consult on cases and coordinate treatments.

What should women do to improve their health?

“Eat right, exercise regularly and don’t smoke,” urges Dr. Bauer, “those three things would go a long way to improving people’s health.” While advances in technology and screening examinations have allowed doctors to detect and treat cancer at earlier stages, it’s important to do what you can to prevent cancer from ever developing. Adopting a healthy diet and exercise plan as well as staying away from cigarettes will help reduce a woman’s risk of developing cancer.

Outside of the office

When she’s not working, Dr. Bauer most enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and dogs. They can often be found watching their children’s lacrosse games, playing golf and tennis, or running.

Schedule your appointment

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