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Rash Under Breast? Causes & Treatments

Intertrigo, or a rash under the breast, is a common issue that many women encounter. But what is it? What causes it? And how can The Breast Center of Maple Grove help? Let’s take a look at this common issue that plagues women of all ages and discuss why it’s so important for women over 40 to get their mammograms each year to promote better breast health.

What Causes Intertrigo?

Intertrigo is an itchy, painful rash that appears under a woman’s breast or breasts. Most often, it’s caused by two factors: moisture and friction. Skin that is exposed to prolonged periods of moisture while rubbing against itself or clothing can become irritated. This can lead to a painful and uncomfortable rash. While this can happen to anyone, women with larger breasts or those living in hot climates may be particularly susceptible.

Along with moisture and friction, factors like obesity and certain skin conditions can escalate the chances of experiencing intertrigo. Obesity can create folds in the skin where moisture and friction increase, while pre-existing skin conditions like psoriasis can make the skin more sensitive to these irritations.

Managing Intertrigo

If you know what exacerbates intertrigo, you can take the first steps toward managing it effectively. Good hygiene and skin care practices can help prevent the onset of this painful rash. Regularly cleaning and drying the area underneath the breasts and applying a gentle moisture-wicking powder can help keep the skin dry and limit potential irritation.

Choosing comfortable and supportive clothing made from breathable materials is also wise. This goes a long way in avoiding the onset of intertrigo because you’re keeping your skin clean and dry. It’s also important to ensure bras fit properly and opt for fabrics that promote air circulation to reduce moisture and friction.

If you have intertrigo, you can purchase antifungal or anti-yeast creams to help alleviate the symptoms. You can apply them directly to the affected area as the pharmacist or your healthcare provider instructs. If the rash appears severe or does not improve with home care, it is important to consult a healthcare provider. A healthcare provider may prescribe stronger topical creams or oral medications.

While these methods may provide relief, they should not replace a consultation with a healthcare provider. It is always important to have any new or persistent skin issues, including intertrigo, examined by a professional to ensure appropriate care and treatment.

Woman's health doctor reviewing types of lesions from mammogram results.

The Importance of Mammogram Services

Regularly scheduling mammogram services is crucial to early detection of breast-related health issues. Yearly mammograms can help identify any abnormalities or changes in breast tissue, which can be essential in catching potential issues early.

By regularly monitoring your breast health, you enhance your chances of detecting breast cancer at an early stage, where treatment is often more effective. The Breast Center of Maple Grove is committed to providing comfortable and convenient mammogram services to promote overall breast health.

Be Proactive About Your Breast Health

Intetrigo can be painful, itchy, annoying, and embarrassing to deal with. Understanding and effectively managing your rash can greatly improve your quality of life. A combination of good skincare practices, appropriate clothing choices, and regular check-ups can keep intertrigo at bay.

Encourage the women you know to prioritize their breast health by seeking specialized women’s health services. Preventative care is often the best defense against health complications.

Schedule a mammogram with the Breast Center of Maple Grove. Make your breast health a priority today so you can live life to the fullest.

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