Think Pink

THINK PINK! How to Use Breast Cancer Awareness to Support Loved Ones

Help a Recently Diagnosed Friend or Family Member by Participating in Charitable Breast Cancer Awareness Activities and Fundraising Fun

Navigating the world of breast cancer treatment and all that it encapsulates is no cake walk – so if you have a friend or family member suffering from the disease, now is the time to help. Imagine that you could make easier dealing with the trials and tribulations that a breast cancer sufferer endures. Imagine you could bring a smile to that person’s face and a laugh to their heart. Imagine that you could help your loved one surpass at least one hurdle on her long and winding treatment road… Well, you can! Using breast cancer awareness ideas and activities to shine a light on loved ones is perhaps the best way to show that you love and support your female friend ‘til whatever end; it also lets you stretch your intellect muscles and raise money or awareness on a local level. From corporate matching donations to pink bowling parties to clever pink product placements, here’s a rundown of breast cancer awareness activities and ideas that you can easily implement.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas for Home Fun

Pink Food Party: Gather guests around a pink-clothed table of peonies and pixies, surrounded by luscious pink food and drink… Think cosmopolitans, pink lemonades, pink frosted donuts, pink cakes, fresh guavas and grapefruits, and other pink goodies. Guests will love partaking in the rose-toned festivities! Be sure to have guests wear a pink ribbon to support your friend.

Pink Scavenger Hunt: Create an awesome pink themed scavenger hunt around your neighborhood or throughout the entire town. Have seekers find pink balloons that they can pop to read an inspirational quote and their next clue to finding the next balloon. Let participating houses/shops know that you’re thinking pink, i.e., so they can deck out, too.

Pink Talent Show: Surely, your group of friends is full of talented people who love a good karaoke night, right? Hold a talent show at your home and have girlfriends vote on the best talent by donating money into a jar. The person who raises the most money wins the talent show. All the money generated gets donated to the fight against breast cancer.

Pink Fashion Show: Similar concept to the pink talent show, you simply swap the mic for your poshest pink peep-toes or most pleasing pink get-up.

Breast Cancer Awareness Activities for the Workplace

Cube/Door Decorating Contest: Workers decorate a designated door in the office. To participate each employee or team must pay a suggested donation for each door. Employees can purchase items to decorate the door or use items from home. The most creative door wins!

Casual Pink Fridays: Let your employees wear casual pink clothes to the office on Fridays. This is one of the simplest breast cancer awareness ideas that a company can implement. To participate, employees must make a minimum $1 donation each Friday. Each week you can vote to choose the employee who is the prettiest in pink.

Host Corporate Sponsored Outing or Event (golf, a 5k, a Walk, etc.): Corporate events are a common fundraising idea for active, professional people; for supporters looking to raise money or awareness for breast cancer. Many organizations host walkathons, 10k’s, marathons, bowling events or golf outings where supporters can participate and raise funds through sponsorships. If you wish, you can organize your own local sponsored outing or event. For it, you’ll need to pick a location and obtain all the required permits. Then, recruit volunteers to help you set up for the event and register participants. Send out invitations early and be sure to promote your fun-filled awareness affair on social media and in your community. To raise even more funds, try selling personalized tchotchkes or breast cancer awareness merchandise (i.e. water bottles, t-shirts and hats) during your event.

Create a Social Media Awareness Campaign: Create a social media campaign for the company and/or its breast cancer awareness efforts. Have employees share this and see who can get the most donations! Add some cool incentives like prizes for the most shares or views, or a day off for the person who gets the most traffic to their shares. Or you could dress all employees in pink and share pictures on the company social mediums with a fun hashtag.

Other Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Pink Car Wash: Good old carwashes are a fun and functional way to fundraise. Get the company involved by having everyone participate. From working the hose to scrubbing the tires to managing the payments, anyone can help.

Pink Silent Auction: Work with local businesses and brands to get them to donate items to your event. Or you can form the patient’s friends and family into teams and have them go for donations to create prize baskets for the event.

50/50 Raffle: 50/50 raffles are unpretentious, easy, fun and low-cost. To prepare, you’ll need to simply buy a roll of raffle tickets. To organize the raffle, ask friends and family and coworkers to buy the tickets, and then after the drawing, the winner takes home half of the proceeds and the organizer (that’s you!) donates the other half to the fight against breast cancer.  As a giving incentive, make sure to display how much money is in the pot!

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