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Breast Ultrasound Machine

Reasons for an Ultrasound After a Mammogram

If your clinician recommends an ultrasound after a mammogram, your first question is likely, “Is something wrong?”  Although you may feel a slight surge of panic, it might surprise you to learn that breast ultrasounds are quite common. They’re used

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Woman wearing pink surgical gown.

Mammogram After Mastectomy: What You Need to Know

Do women still need regular mammograms after a mastectomy? The answer is yes. If a unilateral mastectomy was performed, a mammogram on the unaffected breast is still recommended. Mammograms are the first line of defense against breast cancer.    Many women

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Middle-aged woman smiling after receiving results from diagnostic mammogram.

What Is a Diagnostic Mammogram?

A diagnostic mammogram helps your radiologist evaluate a specific area of breast tissue in greater detail. Your doctor will generally recommend this procedure following a screening mammogram that indicates suspicious results. Though it’s normal to feel hesitant or nervous about

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Female breast care specialist wearing white coat and sitting at desk.

What Is a Breast Care Specialist?

Annual mammograms are recommended for all women, beginning at age 40. However, if you have additional risk factors, such as a family history of cancer, your doctor may recommend starting mammograms at an earlier age or more frequently.  Additionally, your

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Older woman holding yoga pose.

Can Regular Exercise Lower Breast Cancer Risks?

An active lifestyle plays a vital role in women’s health and well-being. But studies continue to show that physically active women are less likely to develop breast cancer than inactive women.  One study revealed that women who increased their physical

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Woman putting nutrients and supplements into smoothie shake to improve breast health.

Best Supplements for Breast Health

“New Year, new you” tends to be a common mantra among Americans at the start of January. So naturally, one of the first areas we try to improve is our health.  Though weight loss, pursuing a nutrient-dense diet, and taking

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Woman staring out window while deciding when to contact a women's breast clinic.

What To Do If You Notice a Breast Lump

If you’re performing breast self-exams monthly, you may discover abnormal changes around your breast or armpit area. Differences may include the formation of a lump, changes to the color of your nipples, or changes to your skin’s texture around the

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Two African American women preparing healthy food options in kitchen.

5 Foods that Support Breast Health

Filling our bodies with essential nutrients does more than help us thrive and function. The foods we eat play a crucial role in our long-term health and wellness, including preventing certain diseases.  Did you know that certain foods can help

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Two women holding pink ribbons to honor breast cancer awareness month in October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas and Activities

This October, let’s make a significant impact in our communities by joining together, sharing stories, and educating our friends and loved ones about the importance of breast cancer prevention.  October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month “Think Pink!” is our motto

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