Breast Ultrasound After an Abnormal Mammogram

bcmg_breast-ultrasound-fireworkA mammogram is a screening tool that is used to help doctors detect abnormalities in the breasts. If an abnormality is found on your mammogram, your doctor will order additional testing, which may include a breast ultrasound, to make a definitive diagnosis. While about 90% mammogram findings turn out to be non-cancerous, it’s important to have additional testing to know for sure.

Breast ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of structures inside the body. It is used as a diagnostic test to help radiologists determine if an abnormality is solid or fluid-filled. Breast ultrasound is a safe imaging exam that doesn’t use any radiation. There are no known risks for ultrasound.

How to Prepare

You will need to undress and remove any jewelry from the waist up. A gown will be provided for you to wear throughout the exam. You may eat, drink and take medications as you normally would before and after your exam.

What to Expect

An ultrasound technologist places some ultrasound gel onto the area to be imaged, then moves a small device, known as a transducer, over the area to obtain images and measurements from different angles. The transducer emits sound waves, which are received by the ultrasound equipment and converted into images on a screen. The technologist will capture specific views throughout the exam, which will then be interpreted by a radiologist.

Our Staff

  • Ultrasound Technologist
    Every ultrasound technologist at The Breast Center of Maple Grove has completed an approved training program and is licensed through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
  • Breast Health Patient Navigator
    Patients receiving a breast ultrasound after an abnormal mammogram will have the opportunity speak to Tracy Fisher, our Breast Health Patient Navigator. In her role as Patient Navigator, Tracy helps patients understand their exams and treatments, answers their questions and provides support throughout the process.
  • Radiologist
    The radiologists at The Breast Center of Maple Grove are board certified experts in diagnostic radiology. In addition to their clinical expertise, each radiologist strives to make each patient feel comfortable and supported throughout their medical imaging exam.

Make an appointment at the Breast Center of Maple Grove

If you’re due for your annual mammogram, come to The Breast Center of Maple Grove. We offer extended appointments for screening mammograms and can accommodate walk-ins as well as same day appointments. And if you need additional imaging after your mammogram, you’ll be in good hands at The Breast Center of Maple Grove—our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable throughout your exam. Contact us today at 763-398-6370.