What is a diagnostic mammogram?

What is a diagnostic mammogram?A diagnostic mammogram is used to evaluate a specific area of breast tissue in detail.

How is a diagnostic mammogram different from an annual screening mammogram?

An annual screening mammogram takes images of the entire breast to screen for breast cancer, and other abnormalities. A diagnostic mammogram often includes images of a smaller area of breast tissue to evaluate a specific area of concern.

Why did my doctor recommend a diagnostic mammogram?

A diagnostic mammogram may be recommended after a regular screening mammogram. Cancer cells or other breast abnormalities often have a different appearance than normal breast tissue. If a radiologist sees an area of breast tissue that looks suspicious for breast abnormalities, a diagnostic mammogram will likely be ordered to evaluate the area in greater detail.

Does this mean I have cancer?

Just because a diagnostic mammogram is recommended, it doesn’t mean you definitely have cancer. In fact, most diagnostic mammograms confirm that cancer is not present. Nearly 90% of diagnostic mammograms performed as a result of a screening mammogram turn out to be nothing.

When should I get my diagnostic mammogram?

If your regular doctor or radiologist has ordered a diagnostic mammogram, you should get the exam performed as soon as possible. While most women will receive a clean bill of health, if cancer is present, it should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Breast cancer is most easily treated and cured in its earlier stages. Early detection and treatment can save a life!

Diagnostic mammograms at The Breast Center of Maple Grove

The Breast Center of Maple Grove provides quality, compassionate diagnostic breast imaging services Monday through Friday from 7:30am-4:00pm. For your peace of mind, same day results are provided for patients who receive a diagnostic mammogram. To learn more, please call us at 763-398-6370.